This is for the high level women, whos ready to raise her standard, activate her higher self and expand her reality into what she didn’t even know was possible for herself.


  The one who is lead by her soul within regardless what she is told, the one whos reading this and can feel that this is for her.

You do what you do because you can’t not do it.


There's a message inside of you, that you can’t hold back – even if you wanted to.


And when you first started listening to that message, everything changed for you.



You’ve always been like this.


You’re the rebel.

You constantly challenge what we accept as ‘normal’


You’re the powerhouse.

The one that people look at and go ‘how?? How does she do it?’


You’re the visionary.

The vision you have for yourself is SO massive, people look at you like you’re crazy when you tell them.



The truth is, you’re one of the rare finds. One of the women who tunes into her deep soul message, her purpose and has the strength and the courage to express it and take the inspired action to make her dreams a reality.


But at the end of the day, you couldn’t not do that.

Because it's in your DNA to do it.

Its who you are.


Its why you came here.


And to do anything else would be a disservice, to yourself and the collective consciousness.

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You've got the business established but you feel like theres something missing in your life. Whether its the soulmate relationship or the feeling of joy, something isn't quite right.

You're just not reaching the next level. You understand that you need to listen to your soul to get to the next level, but you're feeling stuck

You know you have things you need to heal from your past, including traumas that are showing up and impacting you physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially.

You're ready to work alongside your higher self to REALLY manifest the life you've been dreaming of.

You're ready to work with your spiritual team to heal what needs to be, to identify all the programs no longer serving you, so that you can reach your next level.

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Igniting Your Light is the only way for you.




you fulfill your mission

you fully tap into your psychic abilities

you live in joy each day

you activate your abundance

you create a bigger impact in the world


for you - there's no other path.


Its what you desire. What you want.

But frankly, it's not happening fast enough.


You're noticing reaching that next level is taking SUCH a long time to get to. 

And maybe all parts of your life are not showing up the way you desire.
Maybe it's your health, maybe it's your relationships, but you know there's stuff to work do






And most of all -

what do you need to do to align with and ground your vision from the higher realms, into reality.




You see, its when we’re tapped into our higher self



When we peel away the layers of limiting beliefs, subconscious programs, contracts, ties, implants, ancestral trauma, we become closer to who we are.


We become that inner being that isn’t bogged down by programs that aren’t fucking serving us anymore.


We become our higher selves.

We become our fifth dimensional selves.

We create an impact that ripples through the world.

We activate our psychic abilities FULLY and receive daily downloads.

We step into massive joy and abundance.



This is for the high level women, whos ready to raise her standard, activate her higher self and expand her reality into what she didn’t even know was possible for herself.


The one who is lead by her soul within regardless what she is told, the one whos reading this and can feel that this is for her.















The How.



A 3 month energetic container.


You and I.


2 sessions a month – whenever you need them.

 When you intuitively feel you need the session, you book it in.



These sessions are totally run by your higher self. I’m a trance channel, a clairvoyant and medium.


I connect to your spiritual team at the start of every session and your higher self guides us to the work that needs to be done.


I work on the 5D plane.

Expect activations.

DNA, pineal, soulstar, etc.

Expect manifestation.

Expect massive healing

Expect massive integration


Due to the nature of this work – I can’t hone into one specific area.

Sometimes your higherself will guide us to release your issues around your mother, and this shows up as better sex, better relationships and more courage to be yourself in your business and more money.


Theres massive healing. Theres integration. Theres activation. Theres manifestation.


I work across the dimensions with your timelines to call in and activate higher levels of you. To get you deeper into the version of who you are, so by the end of the 3 months you are more of who you already are at your deepest level.


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I could go on a list of my qualifications:

From NLP Master Coach, to Theta healer to Kinesiologist to Reiki Master to Hypnotherapist – but all you need to know is :

I clear and heal the blocks between where you are and the higher version of yourself who already has everything you're trying to manifest.




Some of the things we may cover (depending on the guidance of your higher self)


Channelling your spiritual guides + team

Connecting to your galactic soul family

Light language activations

Psychic activations

Energy Work

Seichim + Reiki

Identifying the exact limiting beliefs stopping you from reaching your next level and clearin it.

Past life regression

Emotional Trauma Clearing

Etheric Implant removal

Uncovering your soul purpose via the Akashic Records

Manifestation Processes + Timeline integration

Soul Contracts

DNA activations

+ much more



You’re here for big things, for massive impact.

You’re not like the others, and there's a restlessness inside of you that drives you to create, inspire, and be the massive powerhouse you are.


And frankly, you see the vision of who you want to be, the next level, the higher version. Who has ALL the things, in all the areas of her life.


And this program is the bridge.


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The Container:


3 Months


2 x 45-minute sessions a month via Zoom





If its for you, you’ll know.


Apply here.