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Are you a trained practitioner, teacher or healer who wants to break into the market and share their work in a bigger way? 

Do you have an idea for an event (or already have been running them?) 

We’re looking for community focused individuals in the spiritual, metaphysical, sustainable living, conscious community, alternative health industry who are wanting to run successful events to share their work and reach their audience. 

This is a 4 week immersive course (in person with online parts - however, if you're not in Sydney you can partake fully online) to cover everything you need to successfully prepare, market and run your event. 

You will learn the ins and outs of creating events, marketing, reaching your target audience.


The knowledge, the practical, the how to of running a successful event. 

Both Athina and Kasses combined experience in having run and attended hundreds of courses, workshops, events during their careers. 

You may have seen Athina Bailey or Kassandra Scardino in social media or attended one of their workshops at various locations. 
Kassandra has been part of countless groups ranging from the Earth Building Community, Building Community Meetups to the Metaphysical Groups.


When Kassandra first started The Temple Surry Hills she ran weekly meditations by donation just to get the ball rolling.


Now two years on there is regular events in two locations with constant growth and future plans to create a sustainable community on land.

Athina was one of the people that attended Kassandra's meetups 5 years prior and went on to pursue her career in teaching i which lead her back to the Temple 3 years ago to build and grow through the foundation in place.


This has now helped Athina to work on pursuing her vision to make an international school to assist those that seek this guidance and healing.

Both Kassandra and Athina have worked vigorously using the principles that are being taught in the course outline but also understand the ins and outs of creating successful conscious events. 

Kassandra Scardino

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Kassandra is a spiritual teacher, energy healer and psychic. She teaches her own modality (Point of Light Therapy) as well as Crystal workshops, Energy Healing courses and regular Full Moon Ceremonies. In 2015 she opened The Temple in Surry Hills to create a space for concscious community and teachers.

Athina Bailey


Athina is a Kinesiologist, Clairvoyant and Reiki teacher. She teachers Reiki, Seichim and Channellng. She runs regular live energy healing and meditation events along with workshops on Manifestation, Starsseds and more.

She was guided to teach at The Temple by her guides after it opened 

During the training you will also meet other teachers and healers in the conscious community and have the opportunity to collaborate and expand.

After this course we will guide you and assist you in running your course.


We cover everything from the mindset, to taking payments to marketing to running the actual event. 

We will be guiding you through running your event so you will be ready to launch straight after the course. You also get access to a community of other leaders and guidance on all the steps you take to run your event. 

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13th of November Tuesday 6pm-9pm @ The Temple Surry Hills (OR attend online) 

--------We cover: ------

- Aligning with your purpose and
- Who are you, what are you selling and how you can share that across?
- Preparing for your event
- What event you’re selling
- Connecting to your tribe
- Finding your audience
- Thelong term
of running events
+ More.


The Mentorship:

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20th Tuesday 6pm-9pm online class

--------We cover: ------

What kind of advertising and marketing do we use in our work . We talk about the steps we took to consistently run events and constantly have an audience, from free events, to by donation to courses priced in the thousands. 
We build your funnel together
And talk about how you can market your event in the way that works best for you.
We go into your story, your marketing and what sells and what doesn’t. 
This week we also give you homework to create and you present it in front of everyone the following week. We help you with your sales copy, your imaging, and selling.

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In person 1st Saturday 10:30-2:30pm @ The Temple Surry Hills (Or attend online)

--------We cover: ------

We talk about everything you need to know about running a successful event start to finish.

- Assistants (volunteers + paid)
- Manuals
- Networking
- Colloborations
- Photographers
- Forms

We provide you with feedback on your previous homework. 

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Online 4th December Tuesday 6-9pm 

--------We cover: ------

- Financial Side
- Venue costs
- How to set up payment plans and what numbers to aim for.
- What to price your course at.
- Online + offline events
- We also run through how we created and ran this event.
- Q&A
- You will also receive energetic downloads for doing this work.


Post Course; 
You still get guidance, support and accountability to run your event. 

Theres the option to also become a Temple resident to be represented by The Temple. 


A recap on what you get as part of the Emergence Mentorship

- A community of like minded individuals for colloborations and networking
- Guidance on creating content and marketing and feedback
- An Accountability buddy
1 month immersive program to teach you everything you need to know to start running successful events immediately.
- A comprehensive manual
- 2
in person trainings
and 2 online
- Prework when you first sign up.
- 15 hours of live teaching content.
*Potential to be represented by The Temple if approved by Directors 

Your investment:

As this is our first time running the Emergence Mentorship we are offering it at a discounted price normally to be priced $1896 we are offering it for $1200 or a payment plan of $222 x 6 months. 

Currently we are not taking applications, to sign up for the next round please fill out the below form: