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The practitioner certification course to channel your guides, angels, higher self and more.

With modules on:

Trance channelling

Light Language

Client Sessions

Business Support

Learn To Channel

Are you struggling to connect with clarity to your guides?
Do you feel like you keep trying to get those divine answers but aren't sure of whats coming through?
Are you wanting to get clear guidance on what action should take/what path is soul aligned?
I feel you.
I've taken hundreds of students through Channelling Spirit Academy and they have left being able to:
- have direct conversations with their guides
- trance channel with total ease and clarity
- give light language activations
- ask what is their soul purpose/ what action they should take / what will lead them to their goal / is their relationship right for them / what is the contract they have with a certain person / what is the lesson behind the physical pain AND get clear answers from their spiritual team
- many have ran their own channelling events where they trance channel for others
- began seeing clients for channelling
If you're ready to get clear answers from your spiritual team (guides, angels, higher self), this is for you.

Ready to activate your psychic abilities?

This 11 month course will teach you everything you need to know about working with and channelling your angels, guides, crystals & more. 

This course will teach you to unlock the innate ability to channel beings of light through spoken word.
You will learn to deepen your connection, raise your vibration and connect directly to receive inspirational guidance.
This course will teach you to link your consciousness with another light being to share the physical and mental energies with this being and bring through powerful messages.
Channelling is a wonderful way to help people to connect with their angels and receive the guidance they need.



Are you ready to start hearing your guides& angels clearly and communicate with them?

My channeling work began was about 14, I had been going through a series of psychic

activations and starting to open up more and more to my psychic experiences.


At the time I didn't really understand how to communicate with my guides and angels.

All I knew was I desperately wanted to be able to connect in and hear their guidance and wisdom

but I just didn't know how to. I began automatic writing but I still wasn't really sure if I was

really connecting into them.


As I got older and went through my spiritual awakening, I developed my clairvoyant abilities, learned to do full body trance channeling and became a Reiki and Seichim master the relationship I had with my guides and angels completely changed.



I began to receive information about my clients' and myself more clearly and more clairvoyantly. I began to more powerfully receive psychic guidance and hear and see intuitively. It was after a past life psychic gift calling back (this activation is done as part of the course) I tuned into a life where I was a channel at the Oracle of Delphi, I called back and integrated this gifts and have been trance channeling since then.


You see, we're here to be supported. 

We're dropped down into this dimension and reality with a walkie talkie that connects us to our spiritual team so we can ask for help and guidance. 


That walkie talkie is your psychic abilities.

And once you fully embody them - there is no going back.


Its a new way of living.

And everything in your life reflects that:



Business- I'm able to bounce ideas off of my guides. Is this aligned with me? Is this on track where I want to be?


Relationships - I'm able to call in the higher self of my partner to check in and understand why something is happening within the relationship. I'm able to see our soul contracts and see the larger soul perspective of our interactions. When I was 16 and my then boyfriend cheated on me, my guides showed me and I was able to separate from an unhealthy relationship.


Healing - When something comes up, a trauma or a physical issue I'm able to tap in and receive information about why it's there so I can heal it.


Vibrational Energy - My vibration is constantly high because I'm interacting with these beings of unconditional love.


Knowing why I am the way I am - I'm aware of my past lives, my spiritual teams, my soul's purpose, etc.



You see its a constant stream of communication.

As I go through the day I'll receive constant guidance, tools and tips. They'll point out things I need to heal.


My psychic guidance are what lead me to study and then teach Reiki, they lead me to teach what I do, they lead me to my current partner, to my closest friends, they lead me to build my business the way it is today.

To this day most of my actions and life decisions come from asking them. I recently asked 'what should my next business offering be' and began to create what came through.

There's no more feeling stuck, just knowing you're always being lead in the right direction.

I simply asked, received and followed through on what I received.


And this is available to everyone.


This is available to you.

Everyone with the right tools can tap into this way of living.



I'm ready to channel!
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Athina Bailey thank you for coming into my life! I am so grateful for your amazing gifts. Thank you for an amazing session. Being able to trust someone completely and be able to just shut off my gifts and guides and trust your guidance is just amazing!

Leah Steele

The Wealth Witch
Soul Diviner and Soul Purpose Activator

Bali, Indonesia

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Athina is the real deal!

 As a healer and intuitive myself, I am always looking for support that is aligned and empowering for my body and my business.

Channelling sessions with Athina are not only an authentic and positive experience, but she makes you feel safe and supported the whole time.


I was blown away by the depth of information and accuracy her sessions provide.


If you are looking for help or wish to learn from someone who will set you up with the tools and information you need to be successful, I highly recommend Athina.

Thank you so much for your support!

Dr Adeela Afiz

Creator of Body Whispering

In the course you will learn:

- The types of channelling
- Trance Channelling
- Light Language Channelling
- Meet your channelling guides
- Automatic Writing
- Clearing Fears around channelling
Brain wave states + channelling
- How to conduct channelling sessions
- Creating safe and sacred spaces to channel
- Understanding the various energies and dimensions
- Receiving information through your psychic senses
- Using Crystals to channel
- Direct + indirect channelling
- How to channel your guides 
- How to Channel Angels
- How to Channel ascended masters

- How to channel your ancestors
- How to Channel crystals
- How to Channel your higher self

- Programming crystals
- Making crystal elixirs
- How to work in the 5D
- How to work with land spirits in your home
- How to channel nature spirits
- Channelling star beings

- Deep Trance Channelling
- How to run channelling sessions
- How to grow your channelling business

Activations you will receive:
- Light Language Activations
- Soul Star Chakra Activation
- Earth Star Chakra Activation
- 5D Blueprint Activation
- Program to activate chakra openings to bring through light
- Psychic Ability activation
-Channelling Activation
- Ascended Master Activation
- Past Life Contract Clearing
- Sirian Transmission
- Archangel Metatron Healing
- Ancestor DNA Reprogramming

What is channelling?
Channelling is a natural form of communication with any form of consciousness that expresses itself through the channel.
You can channel almost anything and any beings however in the course we will be focused on angels, archangels, spirit guides and our higher selves.

You can either be a deep trance channel or light trance channel and we focus on both in this course! Throughout the channelling
 you remain full autonomy and control of what is happening.

What to expect?
Expect to get some intensive work on your energy frequency. This course is also a vibratory workout, by the end you will probably be exhausted from using a muscle you are not used to. Expect to talk with your angels, guides ascended masters and gain deep insights to questions and divine guidance.

Why channel?
There are so many reasons people choose to channel, I think for most people we are drawn to it on an unconscious level. Starseeds, psychics, energy workers often want to use channelling as something to add to their repertoire whilst others simply want to use it to connect to their spiritual team.

Is this course for me?
Are you wanting to grow spiritually? Talk directly to your guides and angels? Then this course is for you.  Each round we have people of all levels come through. We have total newbies and beginners who start to channel, we also have mediums, experienced psychics who want to move into channelling. We also have seasoned channellers who want to go to the next level with their channelling work.

Who Can Channel?
I truly believe anyone can channel. For some people it will come so easily, so quickly and for others it will take some work! This course is recommended for those who already can receive a clear intuitive yes/no.


How is this different from psychic development?

This is a more intensive form of psychic development. You get all the benefits of expanding and developing your psychic abilities as well as learning how to channel and communicate directly with your spiritual team.


I don't know anyone who teaches this the way I do, with the energetic upgrades, downloads and with the theory and processes to safely and effectively give psychic readings and trance channel.

I'm ready to channel!

Hear from previous graduates who are now professional channels

Hear how Brittney Vangestal, healer, channeller and online business owner grew

her business and changed her life after graduating Channelling Spirit Academy

"Working with Athina was life changing... 

Now I just trust everything that I am shown and feel from my guides like doing the

Channelling Spirit Academy I was able to harness an even more incredible relationship

with my team, with God, with the universe, and then saw me like completely freefall 

I'm just like, OK, I know that you've got me and everything you show me,

I'm just going to follow."

- Brittney Vangestal

Healer, Activator & Channel.

Hear how Sara began to light language channel and create activating

artworks after graduating Channelling Spirit Academy.​

 "Channelling Spirit Academy has basically changed my life. So really grateful for you and your work. So channelling for me it was calling like since I think 2017...  But there was no information out there on how to do it correctly and to do it safely.

That was the big thing for me, because I could feel like every time I wanted to tune in, I was getting so much interception. I was getting so much hijacking. To be honest, it scared me. I didn't want to do it until I was ready. I think it was around 2018 when my friend who did the course and she was raving about you in the course and she's like, oh my God, this is amazing, you should really do it.

I started to do Channelling Spirit Academy and it made me feel very safe, like tapping into these higher frequencies.

After I finished the course, I started to practice in my daily life. It helped me with my relationship and helped me with my loved ones, like my family, to address and kind of see things in a very neutral point of view."

- Sara Shradha Samji

Light Language Coded Artist

I'm ready to channel!

Why this course gets such good results


Every launch we have so many amazing students come through this program and graduate with amazing results, many go on to start their own channelling businesses.

So, why does this program continue to get such good results compared to other 'psychic ability courses'


Its 3 parts. Because to receieve accurate psychic information of any kind you need three things
1) an effective system and 2) energy activations 3) energy healings.


Because Channelling is not a theoretical exericse, you need to know how to work with your energy efficiently to be able to recieve and navigate dimensions. We teach you this in Channelling Spirit Academy™.

This course takes you through my signature system R.A.E. Method™ which has helped thousands of lightworkers channel. You are taken through this system in the first month of the program so you understand how to shift your enerfgy, access the quantum, connect to higher dimensions, protect, clear and expand your energetic capacity to receive divine information.

The second part, your energy activations:

Most people have very dormant higher chakra and energy systems, we work on activating your higher energy systems, so accessing higher frequencies and energies is much easier. You need to expand your energy to recieve and we do this by expanding and activating your energy system.

The third part; energy healing.

Many of us have wounds, trauams, fears, limiting beliefs that block are key psychic centres. In Channelling Spirit Academy™, we support you to clear any blocks, fears, past life and this life wounds that are stopping you from accessing your psychic abilities.

The other thing that makes this program have such good results?

The high level of support.

You get practise sessions where you can pair up and get guided into channelling

sessions. During this program you actually end up recieving so many channelling

sessions from the other participants 


With the coaching calls you can share what's been happening, get help, get guidance

and ask any question you may have. The tailored energy block sessions with Athina

support you in clearing blockages you may have so you can get results.

We've hired amazing support coaches who will work alongside Athina to support you!

This is not a DIY, figure it out on your own type of program, this is a high touch course

that's been running for years designed to get you amazing results.

I'm ready to channel!

Imagine being able to tap in whenever you need and ask:


- What do I need to heal right now

- What your past lives where

-What are the names of your spiritual guides

-if you're taking the right direction with your business

-where your physical issues are stemming from

- what you're missing and what you need to focus on right no


You're here fully supported.

Fully loved.


Your spiritual team loves you unconditionally and wants to guide + assist you in whatever way they can.


Are you ready to hear them?

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 1.31.14 PM.png

Sonia Kapur-Taylor

Self Love Coach + Energy Healer


Channelling Spirit Academy has been so instrumental in giving me a very clear, step by step process on connecting with my spiritual team. I felt like I needed a framework to step into this work and Athina delivers a clear process on how to do this.


It's been amazing to open up to guidance from light beings and while I was already indirectly channelling during my healing sessions with clients (which I wasn't aware I was doing until this course helped me identify that!), the ability to trance channel has been mind-blowing!


It's also helped me heal at a deeper level and open myself up to becoming a better energy healer and channel. This has become a way of life for me and for that, I'm grateful!


CSA was really great. There was tons of info and I personally loved a lot of the guided meditations and activations. Athina is a wonderful and dedicated teacher, and a testament to that fact is that I've chosen to train in Reiki all the way to Master level with her before embarking on CSA also.

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 1.35.18 PM.png

Ellie Garnham

Quantum Healer


Channelling Spirit Academy has enabled me to discern the difference in connecting with my higher self, guides, and other beings.


I can now easily connect and can recognize the subtle sensations within my body acknowledging when is time to speak! I couldn't have been able to connect so well had it not have been for Athina & her course.


Being able to have a group learning at the same time has made a world of difference. Practicing was easier than expected and have met some amazing people. I connect in with my team daily following Athina's step by step guide. I LOVE IT!!


I had been following Athina's work for years! Athina is the best mentor. She is so kind, patient, caring, and genuine.


She always has time for me, and helps me understand a lot about myself and my spiritual team as well as my own purpose. I look forward to many more courses with her! Thank you Athina for being the BEST mentor. xxxx

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 1.39.59 PM.png

Lauren Prosser

Wellness Life Coach + Quantum Practitioner


Channelling Spirit Academy benefited my life and spiritual connection by helping me connect to my higher self, passed loved ones and the divine with ease. I have been able to trust the intuitive guidance that is coming through and feel confident in my abilities.


I have loved being part of Channelling Spirit Academy. What I have really enjoyed about it is the structure of the whole course and also the student work book.


All the processes are clearly set out, you follow a methodology that is safe, using spiritual protection and you are able to achieve clear guidance with ease. Having regular training calls and practise sessions helps you gain your confidence and also to be able to ask questions and gain support.


Thank you for such a wonderful program Athina. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone who is wanting to strengthen their spiritual connection and channelling abilities.

Ready to Join Us?

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I'm ready to channel!

4 Months within the energetic container

Each week you will dive into learning to channel and along with the theory + exercises you will also receive activations and healings... because channelling is an energetic experience.

You will also recieve practise and coaching sessions

We cover:

The Foundations:

Activate your higher chakras for channelling and understand exactly how it works + what is possible for you as a channel.

Learn to connect into the 5th Dimension and activate your 5D blueprint


Start to travel between dimensions to connect to the divine. Recieve programs to allow connecting to higher beings easily and how to channel ONLY beings of light so that you know how to channel SAFELY every time,


Get clear on your own psychic gifts and how to manage + shift your energy to channel. Receive a heart activation to fully receive the connection to higher beings.


Meet your channelling guides to see whos working with you and start automatic writing to start receiving clear guidance

Speaking for the first time:
Receive a throat chakra healing and begin to channel your higher self to get clear guidance.

Opening to others:
Start channelling other beings and practise direct + indirect channelling.

Start trance channelling:
Learn how to bring yourself deeper into a trance state and start channelling your guides.

Opening Deeper:

In this units you will be guided to work with your:

- ancestors

- spirit guides

- nature spirits

- land spiirts

- ascened masters

- crystals

- angels

- archangels

- starbeings

And recieve modules and units designed to support you in understanding how to work with them outside of channelling as well.

You will recieve activations and healings during these weeks as well.

Light Language:
Receive a light language activation, start light language channelling and connecting to ET beings.

Holding Space:
Learn about holding space + running channelling sessions for clients and channelling for daily life.

Run a full trance channelling session + certification.

Get started with setting up your channelling business

I'm ready to channel!

When you can channel your guides, you will always know the right answer


Channelling gets you what you want.

Its a simplification but it's accurate.

Whether its relationships, business, health, when you ask your guides you receive clarity and clear guidance so you can take the right action to get what you want.

Whether it's taking the next step in your business/career, hitting your financial goals, healing physical issues, or manifesting the right relationships - your guides always provide guidance on how to create this to get what you want. I've seen this time and time again with clients, students and myself.

Channel -> get clarity and guidance-> take the right action -> get what you want.

Do you want to keep listening to Abraham

Hicks or get the answers for yourself?

My students have walked away from the course:

- having clear and activated psychic abilities

- being able to speak with their guides

- know and intimately meet their spiritual team

- have a connection with a specific being

- running paid channelling sessions for clients

- running channelling events for large groups

- include their psychic abilities in their current modalities

- receive clear guidance on something they were stuck in their lives.

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 1.44.51 PM.png

Suvi Inkinen
 Deep Transformation and Psychedelic Integration Coach, Spiritual Mentor and a Channeller.

Going through the academy was a powerful trigger to ignite gifts that had been dormant within for a long time. Recreating a stronger connection with spirit.


Being a part of Channeling Spirit Academy has been a beautiful, heart opening experience shared not just with Athina but everyone else going through the process at the same time as myself. Some souls whom with I created life long connections with.


Athina has created something very powerful and full of soul, as she shares her gifts during the 12 weeks with others. Such a blessing. Something in me unlocked throughout those weeks, and I was able to remember what I had forgotten but always knew were there, just waiting for me to uncover them again.


I loved the versatility of subjects covered in the course and the freedom to study and practise things on my own time. xx


Kati Ackermann 

 Energetic Healer & Holistic Counsellor


Athina really knows her stuff. She was able to answer all questions with such a great intelligence and knowledge.


The fact I have access to the downloads and course for the next couple of years is beneficial and useful as I can't forget these teachings and I can relearn recap and keep evolving as to not lose the skill I have gained which makes it very different to a lot of other courses.


I have definitely opened my third eye and managed to Chanel beings, it was really was incredible. I am sad it's over as I looked forward to the class each week as it was So amazing.


I can't wait to continue this journey. l am so glad I did not wait until next year which I was originally planning to do due to finances. it has been so beneficial for me and I feel grateful to know Athina.


xx thank you so much xx

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 1.50.23 PM.png

Emelee Bila


New York

Wow where do I start.. channeling has helped me understand that one all my hearing and automatic writing in a way wasn't just me losing my mind all these years.


This course has helped me settle into a place of being able to understand and allow what wants to come thru to come thru more and more.. that it is a tool whether natural or practiced that we all can do.


This course has revealed to me that it is one of the things that I AM here to do and MUST do as part of my soul's purpose...even despite the bit of hesitation at moments I know that there is so-oo much what wants to come thru to us humans in messages and healing and that we simply need to allow.


This course has taught me 'practical- terms and definitions in small ways yes but more importantly has helped me thru application allow and accept it more and more as part of my daily life and journey.


I know now my purpose, I have an intimate two way relationship now with my spirit team and open heart and mind for all beings that are coming from a place of unconditional love. This is just the start .. and words do no justice in what that course has opened up to me and opened up and displays before me.

I'm ready to channel!

The Support you get:

Weekly support through:

Coaching Calls

Live Energy Activations

Facebook Group Support

Channelling Practise Sessions to team up with the other students and practise!

Along with Athina supporting you are the Support Coaches

The support coaches are handpicked by Athina, have been trained by her extensively, are successful channels and practitioners in their own right and graduates of Channelling Spirit Academy.

As you go through your journey, you will be supported by them as well!

Meet Your Coaches:

Image from iOS (1).jpg

Coach Tanya

Tanya is a Trance channel, Spiritual Teacher, Energy worker & Healer who specialises in working with Light workers and Starseeds in consciousness transformation and self-mastery to awaken & activate their unique abilities and mission.


Tanya completed Channelling Spirit Academy in 2019, which opened up a whole new level of understanding and a deepening of my own spiritual abilities and soul mission.

She is super passionate about being a part of this program and supporting, and guiding you in your own personal journey.

Image from iOS.jpg

Coach Cat

Cat is an intuitive energy worker, coach & guide who specialises in working with Starseeds & Galactic energies.


Cat is a 2019 graduate of the Channelling Spirit Academy programme which saw a profound acceleration of her soul gifts & gave her a renewed sense of clarity & purpose.


She is passionate about this programme & is excited to support your journey with practical advice, inspiration & encouragement.

Screenshot 2021-08-24 at 12.29.55 PM.png

Coach Kati

Kati is a certified Reiki Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Laughing Yoga Leader, Point of Light Therapist, Pranic Healer & BioGeometry Practitioner.

Kati helps you navigate your Spiritual / Healing Journey to Heal & Transform so you are able to step into your own power and manifest your true desires.

Kati will intuitively pick up your blockages whether they be emotional, mental, physical or energetic.

Kati completed Channelling Spirit Academy in 2019 which allowed her to bring channelling into her healing work.

I'm ready to channel!

Hear from previous graduates who are now professional channellers

Hear how Jessica Gianetto, a reiki healer and founder of Dragonfly Healing,  began channelling plant and crystals as part of her sessions after graduating Channelling Spirit Academy.

"Now something that's really beautiful since learning how to channel with you is I'm actually channelling the plant spirits and offering that guidance and why they want to connect with my clients and why they want to come through and work with my clients, which that's been amazing."

- Jessica Gianetto

Healer & Channel

Hear how Jarrod incorporated channelling into his intuitive healing sessions and how he works with nature spirits to clear the land.

"Since learning Channelling Spirit Academy, I have a source of secret information. It just always seems to land after I've navigated something. So, I had that experience with plant medicine. But I needed to understand how to do this? What's the proper way? Because, you know, I was being psychically attacked.

I was not protecting my energy and I had to go through all that stuff. And if it wasn't for working with you, I wouldn't have understood the level of importance in the invocation, you know, so just all these things that have really helped me with my work now. And, now, just being a Clear Channel, doing the work, making sure that I am clear before I step into space, these are very valuable things that I now I get to pass on to people."

- Jarrod Bremer 
Intutive Healer

Gorgeous soul -

Its time to put down the oracle cards and call your guides up to clearly get your guidance.

Think of it, instead of trying to decipher messages you're receiving from signs and oracle cards, call them up directly and speak to them -

this is what you will learn to do in Channelling Spirit Academy™.

Your spirit team can't wait to speak with you.

With Channelling Spirit Academy™ you can ask your guides:

  • Am I taking the right direction with my business?

  • What do I need to do to align with my financial goals?

  • What is my true soul purpose here?'

  • How should I best serve others?

  • What's the best way to heal?

  • What were my past lives?

  • What should I offer in my business?

  • Whats my soul contract with this person?

  • Why is this pattern showing up in my life

  • And Much Much more!


And rather than trying to decipher the messages, you can receive clear guidance.

I'm ready to channel!
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What you get as part of Channelling Spirit Academy™:

4 months support in the private support
13+ modules released weekly (lifetime access to modules after)
13+ activations
Group energy sessions with Athina 
Practise sessions with coaches to allow you to pair up and practise channelling
Coaching Calls to have all your questions answered and support you
Extensive manual with all the notes included

Join the waitlist for the next round here:

Ready to Join Us?

Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 10.10.24 PM.png

Athina grew up psychic and first began channelling her spirit guides in her teen years. She first started trance channelling at 20 and was running events and programs to support others with her channelling abilities

At 18 she studied Reiki and went on to become a Kinesiologist, a Hypnotherapist and Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner.

She specialises in energy healing being a Reiki Master Teacher, Seichim Master and Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner.

Her signature certification program Channelling Spirit Academy™ has taught hundreds of students around the world how to channel, many of whom have gone on to have successful channelling businesses of their own.

She believes everyone has the innate ability to connect to Spirit and that you're loved deeply by your spiritual team - that your guides, angels and higher self are always supporting you to step into your soul's purpose and manifest your dreams.

When I started my business I was running channelling sessions and teaching energy healing.

One of my natural gifts that I was sought out for was channelling, everyone who I saw told me they had never met such a clear channel and were blown over by what came through from their guides. Even in my healing sessions I was being guided by the persons spiritual team the whole time.  Channelling was the centre of my work.

Everything in my life that I have is thanks to channelling, from my relationship to my business, to my home. 

My role here is a teacher so I knew I had to teach this skill to others so they could also help others and create lives they love through Spirit.

I began running live trance channelling events and began to teach people to channel.

After 5 years of teahcing this program my heart bursts when I see the students whos lives have changed from following the guidance they recieve when channelling.

I turly believe thats my purpose here, to support lightworkers in opening their divine gifts so we can live a 5D life.

I'm here to show you whats possible when you can channel.

Being in my 20s I have many people ask how I created my business, my relationship, my home and honestly the only reason I have it all is because of the guidance I recieve from spirit.

I chose to live a spirit led life (p.s. check out my podcast Light Leaders for examples of my channellings or how I work with Spirit in my business and personal life)

We all can live a Spirit led life.

Spirit led life: A life where you are divinely guided through receiving messages from your spiritual team.

About Athina

Copy of CSA testimonial.png

We've had many students finish the course and start seeing clients for channelling as well as holding events channelling in front of others. (send an email to if you're interested in booking with one of my students for a channelling session)

I have seen the transformations through this work and it continues to blow me away 


This course is not just about me giving you the theory of learning to channel.

Its the full embodiment of it.

That means learning all the aspects of being a clear channel.

And getting a full-bodied learning experience including healings, meditations, activations, energy work, support, coaching AND lots of practice.

I don't know anyone who teaches Channelling the way I do and the results speak for themselves.

Unit 1

 Fundamentals of channelling

Learn and experience the different brain wave states we enter to channel

Learn auric and energy system management for channelling to make sure you're a clear vessel to channel and remain in an optimum state.

Receive a Soul Star Activation + Earth Star Activation

channelling spirit logo transparent.png

Unit 2

Access 5D
Learn to access the fifth dimension and how to manage your Ego to be a clear channel.

Learn about the discernment of different beings to ensure we channel safely every time

-5D Golden Blueprint activation
-Discernment download

- Meet your channelling sponsor's process

- Activation process with Ascended Masters

-A distant healing and clearing for any subconscious resistances and fears

channelling spirit logo transparent.png

Automatic Writing

Learn to shift your vibrational state and instantly raise your vibrations

Learn to create a sacred space 

Learn to clear any negative energies from your space

Learn to open your higher dimensional chakras to connect to higher beings

Learn to automatic write

Recieve process to expand and activate your higher dimensional chakras

channelling spirit logo transparent.png

Unit 3

Channel your higher self

Learn your psychic strength and how to work with it as a channeller

Begin to speak as a channel for the first time

Learn the entire set up for a channelling session to ensure a clear and safe process

Channelling of your higher self