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Vocally directly channel your guides, angels, higher self, light language + more.

Learn To Channel

Are you struggling to connect with clarity to your guides?
Do you feel like you keep trying to get those divine answers but aren't sure of whats coming through?
Are you wanting to get clear guidance on what action should take/what path is soul aligned?
I feel you.
I've taken hundreds of students through Channelling Spirit Academy and they have left being able to:
- have direct conversations with their guides
- trance channel with total ease and clarity
- give light language activations
- ask what is their soul purpose/ what action they should take / what will lead them to their goal / is their relationship right for them / what is the contract they have with a certain person / what is the lesson behind the physical pain AND get clear answers from their spiritual team
- many have ran their own channelling events where they trance channel for others
- began seeing clients for channelling
If you're ready to get clear answers from your spiritual team (guides, angels, higher self), this is for you.
This 3 month course will teach you everything you need to know about working with and channelling your angels, guides, crystals & more. 

This course will teach you to unlock the innate ability to channel beings of light through spoken word.
You will learn to deepen your connection, raise your vibration and connect directly to receive inspirational guidance.
This course will teach you to link your consciousness with another light being to share the physical and mental energies with this being and bring through powerful messages.
Channelling is a wonderful way to help people to connect with their angels and receive the guidance they need.



Are you ready to start hearing your guides& angels clearly and communicate with them?

My channeling work began was about 14, I had been going through a series of psychic activations and starting to open up more and more to my psychic experiences.


At the time I didn't really understand how to communicate with my guides and angels.

All I knew was I desperately wanted to be able to connect in and hear their guidance and wisdom but I just didn't know how to.

I began automatic writing but I still wasn't really sure if I was really connecting into them.


As I got older and went through my spiritual awakening, I developed my clairvoyant abilities, learned to do full body trance channeling and became a Reiki and Seichim master the relationship I had with my guides and angels completely changed.



I began to receive information about my clients' and myself more clearly and more clairvoyantly. I began to more powerfully receive psychic guidance and hear and see intuitively. It was after a past life psychic gift calling back (this activation is done as part of the course) I tuned into a life where I was a channel at the Oracle of Delphi, I called back and integrated this gifts and have been trance channeling since then.


You see, we're here to be supported. 

We're dropped down into this dimension and reality with a walkie talkie that connects us to our spititual team so we can ask for help and guidance. 


That walkie talkie is your psychic abilities.

And once you fully embody them - there is no going back.


Its a new way of living.

And everything in your life reflects that:



Business- I'm able to bounce ideas off of my guides. Is this aligned with me? Is this on track where I want to be?


Relationships - I'm able to call in the higher self of my partner to check in and understand why something is happening within the relationship. I'm able to see our soul contracts and see the larger soul perspective of our interactions. When I was 16 and my then boyfriend cheated on me, my guides showed me and I was able to separate from an unhealthy relationship.




Healing - When something comes up, a trauma or a physical issue I'm able to tap in and receive information about why it's there so I can heal it.


Vibrational Energy - My vibration is constantly high because I'm interacting with these beings of unconditional love.


Knowing why I am the way I am - I'm aware of my past lives, my spiritual teams, my soul's purpose, etc.



You see its a constant stream of communication.

As I go through the day I'll recieve constant guidance, tools and tips. They'll point out things I need to heal.


My psychic guidances are what lead me to study and then teach Reiki, they lead me to teach what I do, they lead me to my current partner, to my closest friends, they lead me to build my business the way it is today.

To this day most of my actions and life decisions come from asking them. I recently asked 'what should my next business offering be' and began to create what came through.

Theres no more feeling stuck, just knowing you're always being lead in the right direction.


I simply asked, recieved and followed through on what I recieved.


And this is available to everyone.


This is available to you.

Everyone with the right tools can tap into this way of living.



We've had many students finish the course and start seeing clients for channelling as well as holding events channelling in front of others. (message me if you're interested in booking with one of my students for a channelling session)

I have seen the transformations through this work and it continues to blow me away 

3 Months within the energetic container

Each week you will dive into learning to channel and along with the theory + exercises you will also receive activations and healings... because channelling is an energetic experience.

We cover:

The Foundations:

Activate your higher chakras for channelling and understand exactly how it works + what is possible for you as a channel


Start to travel between dimensions to connect to the divine. Recieve programs to allow connecting to higher beings easily and how to channel ONLY beings of light so that you know how to channel SAFELY every time,


Get clear on your own psychic gifts and how to manage + shift your energy to channel. Receive a heart activation to fully receive the connection to higher beings.


Meet your channelling guides to see whos working with you and start automatic writing to start receiving clear guidance

Speaking for the first time:
Receive a throat chakra healing and begin to channel your higher self to get clear guidance.

Opening to others:
Start channelling other beings and practise direct + indirect channelling.

Start trance channelling:
Learn how to bring yourself deeper into a trance state and start channelling your guides.

Opening Deeper:
Receive an earth star chakra activation and start direct channelling ascended masters + archangels + crystals.

Light Language:
Receive a light language activation, start light language channelling and connecting to ET beings.

Holding Space:
Learn about holding space + running channelling sessions for clients and channelling for daily life.

Run a full trance channelling session + certification.

In the course you will learn:

- The types of channelling
- Trance Channelling
- Light Language Channelling
- Meet your channelling guides
- Automatic Writing
- Clearing Fears around channelling
Brain wave states + channelling
- Conducting channelling sessions
- Creating safe and sacred spaces to channel
- Understanding the various energies and beings
- Receiving information through your psychic senses
- Using Crystals to channel
- Direct + indirect channelling
- How to channel your guides, 
- How to Channel Angels
- How to Channel ascended masters
- How to Channel crystals
- How to Channel your higher self
- Channelling star beings
Activations you will receive:
- Light Language Activations
- Soul Star Chakra Activation
- Program to activate chakra openings to bring through light
- Psychic Ability activation
-Channelling Activation

What is channelling?
Channelling is a natural form of communication with any form of consciousness that expresses itself through the channel.
You can channel almost anything and any beings however in the course we will be focused on angels, archangels, spirit guides and our higher selves,

You can either be a deep trance channel or light trance channel and we focus on both in this course! Throughout the
channelling you remain full autonomy and control of what is happening.

What to expect?
Expect to get some intensive work on your vibrations. This course is also a vibratory workout, by theend you will probably be exhausted from using a muscle you are not used to. Expect to talk with your angels, guides ascended masters and gain deep insights to questions and divine guidance.

Why channel?
There are so many reasons people choose to channel, I think for most people we are drawn to it on an unconscious level. Starseeds, psychics, energy workers often want to usechannelling as something to add to their repertoire whilst others simply want to use it to connect to their spiritual team.

Is this course for me?
Are you wanting to grow spiritually? Talk directly to your guides and angels? Then this course is for you. This course is for those who are already intuitive and want to expand their skills

Who Can Channel?
I truly believe anyone can channel. For some people it will come so easily, so quickly and for others it will take some work! This course is recommended for those who already can receive a clear intuitive yes/no.


How is this different from psychic development?

This is a more intensive form of psychic development. You get all the benefits of expanding and developing your psychic abilities as well as learning how to channel and communicate directly with your spiritual team.


I don't know anyone who teaches this the way I do, with the energetic upgrades, downloads and with the theory and processes to safely and effectively give psychic readings and trance channel.

Can I join the next one?


This is an intensive energetic container that I run once a year.




Imagine being able to tap in whenever you need and ask:


- What do I need to heal right now

- What your past lives where

-What are the names of your spiritual guides

-if you're taking the right direction with your business

-where your physical issues are stemming from

- what you're missing and what you need to focus on right now



You're here fully supported.

Fully loved.


Your spiritual team loves you unconditionally and wants to guide + assist you in whatever way they can.


Are you ready to hear them?

With Channelling Spirit Academy you can ask your guides:

  • Am I taking the right direction with my business?

  • What do I need to do to align with my financial goals?

  • What is my true soul purpose here?'

  • How should I best serve others?

  • What's the best way to heal?

  • What were my past lives?

  • What should I offer in my business?

  • Whats my soul contract with this person?

  • Why is this pattern showing up in my life

  • And Much Much more!

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Whats the difference between learning it online + offline?
Last year I ran the course only online. It was an amazing course and we had so many people channelling by the end of it. This year when I was chatting to my guides about it, they encouraged me to run it in person as well to build those in person communities.
The only difference between the two is that the community will probably be stronger in the in person event (as you will be physically in contact with each other) however the online one you will still be partnered up for practise and will meet and catch up with everyone


Do I need to be psychic already to do this course?
Not at all. I've had people sign up who only had an interest in the metaphysical and wanted to learn more.

I really want to do this course but its a big time commitment.
It is a big time commitment. This is an intensive container that will have you chatting to your spiritual team whenever you want. Its an energetic experience too so the energy needs time to integrate. Last year we had people who purchased the course online (as I only run it once a year and the price will go up the next time round too) and then completed it in their own time.

Whats your refund policy?
No refunds. Once your committed and in, your held inside the energetic container. If something comes up for you in the in-person course and you're unable to physically attend you can catch up and join the online program.

Will I really be able to channel by the end of this course?
Whilst I don't offer any garuntees, I deeply believe in this work and have seen so many amazing results. 

I've ran this course so many times and by the end of it I see my students talking with their guides and spiritual teams.

Many are running sessions + events channelling now.

With the right tools, activations and exercises channelling is easy to learn.

Is it safe?


Channelling is one of those things I don't recommend trying to figure out on your own unless you really know what you're doing.

During the course I teach you exactly how to safely connect, how to discern the different beings and how to be a direct match ONLY for high vibrational beings.

I've channelled THOUSANDS of times and because of the correct set up and preparation (which I teach) I've never had a bad experience.