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Black Friday Sales

It’s my birthday this weekend! 
Yes - another Saggitarius spiritual teacher!

And here in Sydney, it’s another day of haze and the bushfires continue to rage on. 

So for this sale, 10% of all proceeds will go directly to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal to help support the firefighters working to put out and contain the fires.

See my offerings below, only available until Monday!

2020 Manifestation Activation Party

If you’re not co-creating your reality intentionally, you’re leaving it to chance.

Come join us as we manifest our dream 2020, working through areas including love, health and business.


This will be a live Zoom call and we’ll be doing processes, clearings, journaling prompts, live channellings, and activations to align you to your highest self for 2020.

You'll also have access to the recording if you can't join live.

We'll go live on Thursday 12th December at 5:30pm AEST 



Energy Hygiene + Boundaries

. Learn to manage your energy, call in your energy as an empath and set emotional and energetic boundaries to choose what you allow in

This traning will take you through what you need to do to remain a clear energetic vessel easily and consistently.


What does being a clear vessel feel like ?


You feel charged, rejuvenated, full of energy, aligned with divine guidance and divine downloads.


You feel its easy to do the work you want, you feel at ease emotionally and physically.


Read more about it here 

50% off. Down from USD$111 to $55.5

Mini Coaching Package

Make 2020 the year your business takes off.


Get direct coaching with me to clear your blocks and get strategic guidance to upelevel the cashflow in your business.

I help spiritual entrepreneurs uplevel their abundance, align their mindset and take strategic action to create the business of their dreams

Read more about my coaching here


Includes 1 month of business support.

 3 x 40 min sessions and 1 month of support.