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How often are you self healing?

Hey lightworker, You've probably been told about the importance of self care. How vital it is to spend time looking after yourself, to nourish your mind, body, soul. I agree, the meditation, the resting, the eating well, its crucial for you, to live a fully soul aligned life. My question is though, how often are you self healing? If you're like most humans, we have quite a few things issues. If you're like most lightworkers, you're probably more aware of these issues than others. Many issues aren't even from this lifetime, many aren't even yours. But it's still our responsibility to heal them. As I've spoken about before, healing work is so powerful. As we shed our old pain, old traumas

Are your issues even your own?

If I know anything about lightworkers, it's that we take on other peoples stuff. A LOT. We can't help it. We take on their pain, their suffering, their emotions.... We're incredible healers and we know it. People are healed simply by being in our presence it's who we are. So when someone comes to us struggling, we can't help but take on the stuff that isn't ours. IN FACT, it happens so much that I often ask first thing when I see a client for healing work, 'does this issue belong to someone else' You would be shocked how many times it does, in fact, belong to someone else. A couple of days ago I was receiving a bodywork healing, and the healer said, 'you're carrying sadness that's not yours.

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