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Your Feminine/Masculine Flow

We’re all constantly going through cyclical rhythms of expansion, creation and then retreat and inner rest. ☀️🔥🌧️💧 The start of the year was a collective retreat and many of us who are used to action and creation felt stuck, impatient and like maybe we’ve hit a dry spell. That’s because it’s been a time to sit and do the inner work. When we do so much self work, personal development and healing often times we can hit a plateau, where something in our life needs to give, needs to shift out so we can continue to reach the next level. This may look like leaving an old relationship, like healing your inner child, or dealing with some shadow parts. But to reach that next level the inner work N

Are you willing to die for your vision?

Are you willing to die for your vision? this week I signed up to a new business mastermind and one of the live coaching calls we were asked this question. It’s one of those questions that really reverberated within in and left me thinking about it. She told us: If you’re not willing to die for your vision, get a better vision. Your vision should be aligned with your soul and your purpose to the point where you can’t not do it. It’s who you are and why you came here. Not doing it for the money but doing it because you can’t not do your souls work and you couldn’t avoid doing it even if you tried. It’s your soul expression and it’s so consuming you’re willing to give it all you’ve got. In th

Surrender In Full Faith

---SURRENDER IN FULL FAITH--- My motto for 2018 is surrender in full faith. Last year even though I had my guides tell me one thing or I would get the intuitive nudges to do something I still would a lot of the time go ‘hmm nah, my logical mind is telling me something else’ 
talk about self sabotage…. In the areas where I did surrender in full faith and allow that guidance to show me the path, everything flowed easily. Everything showed up in perfect harmony and sync without needing to hustle or push. It was easy. And I thought fuck it. 2018, is my year of surrender in full faith. No resistance. No doubting. Just get the guidance and go even when I don’t see the full picture. Even when I’m s

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