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Raise your Vibrational Frequency!

Raising your vibrational frequency is key to living a healthy and spiritual life, it is key to channeling and contacting higher light beings, it is key to being safe from negative entities and it the key to creating the life you want to live. Often in life certain people, situations or events can have us feeling low vibrationally, tired and depressed and it is important to keep your vibrations high; here are my tips; 1) Connect with angelic beings, and any light beings. Pray and talk to them, send them love and gratitude, this gratitude will raise your frequency as well. 2) What water are you drinking? Depending on what part of the world you are in your water may have chemicals and fluoride

Starseeds - An intro

Starseeds Essentially a Starseed is a person who has lived the majority of their lives on another planet in another dimension and has come to earth at this time to help the ascension of the earth by living in a 3 dimensional body. Many starseeds are sent here on a mission, some may rememeber who they are and others may not. Very often they have a pre-determined awakening and many have not had much experience within a human body. However some have had many previous lives on earths and some are new to the human body. Adjusting to earths density can be quite tricky. Its star seeds mission to raise earths vibrations as we move into the 4D What are they? One of the most common and outstanding sig

Declaration of Sovereignity

Declaration of Sovereignty is a great tool for the awakening process, many of our limitations in our current lives stem from past karmic connections, we have given away our free will and sovereignity many lifetimes and its important to take it back. Its very important to work with your inner authority to decide what happens with your physical, etheric and mental body. This declaration also addresses removal of implants that are not in our best interest. It is quite powerful and you will probabbly be able to feel it as you say it. The following information was brought forth from the Arcturians by Maria Bethencourt. FromMaria’s site: We share with you today a tool to assist you as you begin to

Dna Recoding & Reactivation

Formula of Compassion This article is an excerpt out of the book by Jelaila Starr. It is the first step for DNA Activation and Recording. The Formula of Compassion (the Formula) is a multidimensional tool that has many functions. First and foremost is used for deep emotional clearing, permanently dissolves layers from you emotional blocks. The Formula unlocks and reactivates the “Inner Technology” within your body in order to do this. And best of all, each time you successfully complete the Formula and feel the “Inner Technology” work, your DNA will recode a bit more, changing from from carbon to crystalline. (Read the DNA Recoding Overview for more on this.) The Formula allows you to mo

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