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Unlocking Clairvoyance Technique

I believe that everyone has the ability to see clairvoyantly. For some it comes much easier than for others, but I believe we all have the ability and with a little work we can use our third eye! Activating your third eye and working with the third eye chakra allows for improvement of clairvoyant abilities. Here is an exercise I used to do and still do to gain clairvoyant skills! In a meditative state begin to focus on your breathing and bring your attention to the area in between your eyes. Start to notice how this area is feeling and how the energy within that chakra is feeling. Notice a white light coming down through the top of your head and moving into your forehead, notice it flowing i

Starseeds; Be Grateful to Earth!

How many times have you heard a starseed say; 'I hate it here. I just want to go home.' Look I get it, I feel it. Its hard to connect with the people here, its hard to feel safe and comfortable here. We remember places and people that feel like home to us, a feeling that constantly remains in the back of our minds. But let me tell you, Gaia is magnificent. She is, as the Pleiadians have stated, one of the most loving and nurturing beings you could imagine. She loves you, feeds you and houses you. And before you incarnated here whatever dimension you came from you knew how lucky you were for Gaia allowing you to come here and fill out your purpose or help her. You were aware of how magnificen

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