Nebulae Blueprint


You're in the Nebulae Phase

You have a dream! There's potential, there's an opening for you to start a soul-aligned business.

There's so much possibility, you're excited but also overwhelmed.

You may not know where you need to start, only that there's so much to learn and do!

Chances are you're still in your job and daydreaming about running your own business on your terms.

Good news, I've supported many practitioners, healers, coaches in the starting and scaling of their business and know exactly what it takes to succeed in this phase, read on:

In this phase, this is what you need to do to start your spiritual business

At this phase it's really easy to get caught up in things like building a logo, and creating a website, but the truth is those don't move your business forward. 

At this point you're probably balancing another job so where you spend your time is very important as you may not have a lot of it to spare. 

Here are the three things that will actually move your business forward in this stage;

1. Create a profitable offering
My biggest advice for you here is to have 1 main offering. I know especially if you're certified in multiple things it can be tempting to offer 10 different things, but we need to solidify one main offer. If for example, you do both healing sessions and psychic sessions, why not combine them for one longer and better-priced session?  

Its really important you have something to sell, otherwise, it's not really a business. Build out an offering that you're excited to share with the world that makes you money.

At this stage its really easy to be confused about what work we need to do with our clients, so reflect on your soul puirpose and what brings you the most joy, are you hear to heal, activate, teach, coach, gjuide, channel?

2.Creat the business foundations, (payment gateway, scheduler)

At the bare minimum you need a way to take payments, Zoom and a scheduling software.
And yes I have seen people build a successful business with just the above 3, at this phase its all you need - don't worry about investing thousands in other softwares just yet.

I like to think of it as the least amount of work to get money coming in. See if I said make a website, it would probably 1) not be profitable 2) cost you alot if you hire someone to build it 3) cost you a hundred hours in time to build alone (easily.) and to be honest you just don't need it.. yet.

So lets talk about the foundations:

My number one recommendation for softwares for those startig their business is Acuity Scheduling. IT allows you to take payments, create payment plans, create a scheduler so when a client wants to book a session tou just send thena. link they pick a time thats based on your availbility, fill in the form you created, and make the payment. They get emailed reminders and a zoom link for the session. 

It shows up automatically in your calendar.

Thats it. 

Theres nothing worse than the back and forth of trying to book a session with someone in different timezones, get a scheduler, trust me.

Acuity Scheduling is about $15 a month I think, you'll also need to set up Paypal or Stripe so you can recieve money in yout bank account. 

Zoom is free too.

And lastly:

3. Build an online presence and begin sharing content and selling

A business needs people, needs community, needs network to be successful

What you most need to focus on:

What you need to invest in

The focus is on learning.

Much time and energy is spent on learning

Things to be aware of, modality focused

Main issues

Main issues

  • Slow to action

  • Underpricing for the main offering

  • Not showing up and selling

  • Feeling uncomfortable selling

  • Not being consistent

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