I  help lightworkers ignite their light & share their gifts with the world

Reiki & Seichim Master Teacher.

Clairvoyant + Channeller. 


Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner & Coach



Hi there,
y name is Athina and I’m a spiritual teacher, energy expert and I help spiritual changemakers uplevel their life + business.  


I write about spirituality, teach and certify others in Reiki, Seichim & Channelling. 



It's my passion to help you embody your highest self by accessing higher streams of consciousness and releasing that which no longer serves you.
To co-create a reality and life that brings you joy each day.
A life where you are divinely guided to fulfil your purpose.
Whether you're here for inspiration, to read my blog, to take one of my spiritual awakening courses or seek coaching & healing I hope you leave this website feeling closer to your higher purpose.



Applied Kinesiologist

Neuro-Lingusitc Programming Master Coach


Theta Healer

Seichim Master

Reiki Master Teacher

Point of Light Crystal Therapist

EFT Practitioner

Timeline Therapy Practitioner





My Story

Growing up psychic there was never a doubt in my mind that I was born to do this work with people.


At 15 I underwent my initiation and awakening, and I began working with and channelling my galactic guides and fell with both feet and heart first into the spiritual and metaphysical world.


At 18, I studied Reiki, giving me the energetic fundamentals of working with energetic paradigms.

Reiki healed me on so many levels and I fell in love with it. I believe that energy work is something so fundamental and important that everyone should have a level of awareness about.


I went on to study Psychology in university but was always drawn to alternative medicine. Letting my guides assist me to as where I needed to go I studied many modalities including Theta Healing, Neuro-Lingustic Programming, Kinesiology, Seichim, Reiki, Akashic Records, Energy Psychology + more.


I have lived my life with a constant dialogue into other dimensions and realms, on a daily basis having a constant flowing conversation with guides and beings.


I'm a clairvoyant psychic, medium + trance channeller and was born here to facilitate helping others connect into their own spiritual abilities and reawaken their soul purpose.


I believe at the basis of all my work, whether it be kinesiology, channelling or subconscious reprogramming that it all comes down to energy work.



Its my vision to assist those hungry on their spiritual path to awaken to their soul purpose and become practitioners to heal others.


I also work with my clients in programs 1:1 to transform, transmute and manifest their divine life path.


Nothing brings me as much joy and being a catalyst to others soul fulfilment, helping them manifest, heal and create a life that they love.




I help spiritual souls clear limiting beliefs, realign their mindset, change their vibration, tap into their intuition and soul purpose to create the life they want. I attract all sorts of peoples, plenty of starseeds, plenty of inspiring spiritual entrepreneurs, and even people dabbling with their spirituality.


I teach Reiki, Channelling, Seichim, Manifestation & other courses.

I transmute, transfigure, activate your energy and vibration to help you create the reality you want.

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