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Athina grew up psychic and first began channelling her spirit guides in her teen years. She first started at trance channelling at 20 and was running events and programs to support psychic development.


Her signature certification program Channelling Spirit Academy ™ has taught hundreds of students around the world how to channel, many of whom have gone on to have successful channelling businesses of their own


She believes everyone has the innate ability to connect to Spirit and that you’re deeply loved by your spiritual team - that your guides, angels and higher self are always supporting you to step into your soul’s purpose and manifest your dreams.


Athina is a priestess of Goddess Isis, creator of Isis Ka ® and Channelling Spirit Academy


"Everything in my life that I have is thanks to channelling, from my relationship to my business, to my home. 

My role here is a teacher, so I knew I had to teach this skill to others so they could also help others and create lives they love through Spirit.

I began running live trance channelling events and began to teach people to channel.

After 5 years of teaching this program my heart bursts when I see the students whose lives have changed from following the guidance they receive when channelling.

I truly believe that's my purpose here, to support lightworkers in opening their divine gifts so we can live a 5D life. I'm here to show you whats possible when you can channel.

Being in my 20s, I have many people ask how I created my business, my relationship, my home and honestly the only reason I have it all is because of the guidance I receive from spirit.

I regularly channel my offerings in my business as well as the marketing strategy which has allowed me to grow a multi 6 figure business. I also use channelling to receive manifestation techniques and guidance around manifesting my partner, my home and more.


I chose to live a spirit led life (p.s. check out my podcast Light Leaders for examples of my channelings or how I work with Spirit in my business and personal life)

We all can live a Spirit led life. "

Spirit led life: A life where you are divinely guided through receiving messages from your spiritual team.

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