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You've got a purpose.

You've got a calling.

You're ready to step up and fulfill your sacred path

I see you.


You're so good at what you do.

You're a powerful healer, you're a gifted psychic, an amazing coach...

You LOVE what you do, and you know this is the work you came here to do.

BUT, you're not making the impact you came here to create (no where near it)

you're not financially supported to do this work (you probably have a side job)

Its time to go all in.

I'm calling up the lightworkers, the witches, the gifted coaches, the healers who are ready to step FULLY into their purpose.

It's time to radically shift your story.

You have big, scary dreams... yet you know you're destined for them.

But they seem so far out of reach.

I know, I know.

I've been there too.

Get this - when I first started my spiritual business, I thought there's no way I would ever make good money doing this work.

I thought I was in it only to help others and the idea of making a really good income from it seemed waaaay out of reach.

But here's the thing,

the more people I helped, the more money I made.

it's a natural correlation.

The bigger impact I had, the more I could help others for free.

But if I denied money, bought into the bullshit that money is unspiritual then I would have not been able to help the number of people I have.

By leading with an open heart, and following the strategy, aligning wth purpose and clearing the blocks, you can hit the financial and business goals you desire.

We need to master the inner work AND the outer work.

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I built my business from scratch to thriving.

I've worked on the back of multi 7 figure online businesses, managed clinics and helped startups.

I've personally impacted thousands with my business, had $40k+launches, ran events and sold-out courses all over the world.

And I'm not saying this to brag ---- I'm saying this because once I didn't believe or see it was possible for me. I thought with my small spiritual business I couldn't do it.

But I did.

And I truly believe anyone with the right intention and mastery of their craft can.

And during that time, I've learned whilst strategy is EXTREMELY important - it means nothing if the mindset, the beliefs, and the divine alignment are absent.

And I've put together a free training for lightworkers with a purpose.

I'm tired of looking at amazing lightworkers who are pussyfooting around going all-in on their business and creating the impact that's their divine birthright because...

- they don't know how to

- they haven't learned the right strategy

- they have a shit money mindset

- they have limiting beliefs stopping them

Time to change that.

Time to step up.

Your purpose is calling.

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As always the theory and information I'll be sharing will be combined with the vibrational technologies and energy healings.

I'll be providing an energetic activation so that you'll step FULLY aligned into your purpose work.

Not just absorb the information - but have the mindset and belief shifts too.

Day 1 - Your Offering

How to create offerings and grow your product range to generate consistent income.

We'll talk about business models, from 5 figure launching to growing your client base to generate consistent, stable cash flow.

Having an amazing offering is key to creating a solid, powerful brand - before you even think about marketing it.

Also Time for Q&A 

Day 2 - Selling Your Offer

We'll discuss the best marketing for your offer and how to actually connect with your soul mate in a genuine way

Your strategy can't be cookie cutter. It has to be built around you and that's exactly what we will cover in this training.

Whether it's high-value freebies or through amazing content, we'll talk about generating consistent sales.

Also Time for Q&A 

Ready to join us?

We go live on:

25th November 11am

26th November 11am

27th November 11am

in Channelling Your Purpose Facebook Group

Sign Up here:


Day 3 - 6 Figure Mindset

The energy and the mindset is just as important as having the right strategy.


To create a 6 figure business, you need to think like a 6 figure business owner.

I'll take you through belief reprogramming to shift limiting programs and align you with the most successful version of yourself.

Also Time for Q&A 

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