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Join the thousands of lightworkers around the world igniting their light

If you're ready to activate your channelling abilities and soul gifts, if you're ready to fully step into your soul purpose and embody your soul work - you're in the right place.

When you activate your channelling abilities & align with your soul purpose the entire cosmos opens up for you.


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Get the Free 3 Part Psychic Activation Course including:
- Third Eye Healing
- Pineal Gland Activation
- Past Life Gift Reactivation
- Light Language High Heart Activation 
& more!


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Listen to Athina's Podcasts on Spotify, Apple Itunes to receive trainings, activations, live trance channellings and energy work sessions!

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Hey there...

Athina grew up psychic and first began channelling her spirit guides in her teen years. She first started at trance channelling at 20 and was running events and programs to support psychic development.


Her signature certification program Channelling Spirit Academy ™ has taught hundreds of students around the world how to channel, many of whom have gone on to have successful channelling businesses of their own


She believes everyone has the innate ability to connect to Spirit and that you’re deeply loved by your spiritual team - that your guides, angels and higher self are always supporting you to step into your soul’s purpose and manifest your dreams.


Athina is a priestess of Goddess Isis, creator of Isis Ka® and Channelling Spirit Academy

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