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Join the thousands of lightworkers around the world igniting their light

If you're ready to activate your channelling abilities and soul gifts, if you're ready to fully step into your soul purpose and embody your soul work - you're in the right place.

When you activate your channelling abilities & align with your soul purpose the entire cosmos opens up for you.


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Hey there...

I'm Athina, I'm a kinesiologist, a trance channeller and quantum coach for spiritual business owners.

I grew up psychic and speaking with my spirit guides, and at 18 I began to study energy healing. At 20, I dropped out of my psychology degree and began to run spiritual events and my certification program Channelling Spirit Academy™ helping hundreds of lightworkers around the world channel their spiritual team.

At 21, I moved my business online and began supporting other soul-aligned practitioners and business owners ignite their businesses.

Work With Me... 

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Channelling Spirit Academy™

Learn to channel your guides, angels, higher self, light language, ancestors + more with the R.A.E. Method™ in this certification program

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The Quantum Activation

Get clarity & embody your soul purpose and activate your soul gifts in this energy activation & channelling program

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Business Alchemy Mastermind

The premiere business mastermind to scale your spiritual & soul aligned business through the Spirit, Strategy and Healing Framework™ 

Follow me...

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Light Leaders


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